Testimonials – why we love our Korats & Thais!


“After many years of owning ‘Moggies’ that were generally aloof, we as a family decided to try something a little more refined and friendly.  We did a lot of research and eventually chose to meet up with some Thai Blue points to see what we thought. We were all smitten from the offset, and have been ever since.  The two boys we purchased quickly became important members of the family and love human company which we are all delighted with, as ‘lap cat’ was one of the top points on the wish list. They love to make all our visitors welcome by taking up the nearest available lap and making themselves comfortable.  They are amazingly tolerant of our two young children and are more than happy to be subjected to their attentions without lashing out ever.  We also enjoy the way we can hold kitty conversations, as they really do respond to us talking to them and seem to understand us in an almost (dare I say) dog like fashion. They are such great company. They are playful, highly amusing and so cuddly we’ve nicknamed them our Fur Babies.”

Tina Heath – Maidenhead


“Just a quick Izzie update.
She’s really settled in now. Every evening, she goes to bed on our bed, snuggled up to either me or Paul. During the night, she then moves over to Minky, and then they sleep like yin and yang. It’s all very cute and peaceful, until Izzie thinks Minky is her mum and she tries to suckle. She’s also discovered a fondness for shredding toilet paper, we’ve got to hide the rolls, which is quite funny when we have visitors. Yes, I have to agree with you… Izzie is the most beautiful cat we have ever had. I show pictures of her to my crew at work and to my friends – so I hope I’m spreading the word. It’s a shame the breed is not better known. She is ever so sweet though. Follows you through the house, you have to take care where you put your feet, and she loves to sit on a lap. I sometimes find her staring at us, as if she’s trying to figure us out. All in all, you’ve converted us to Korat lovers – we would never ever trade izzie in for another cat and Paul says our next cat will be a Korat.”

Anja Vrambout-Denyer – Crawley


“A Korat is a whole different experience! It took me a bit by surprise, even with the amount of research I put in beforehand. A Korat is really like an extension of you, the owner – a little satellite of your own, one which is totally lost without its planet. They’re just so much more interactive and energetic than a regular domestic housecat that there really is a distinction between ‘having a cat’ and ‘being owned by a Korat’.”

David Gordon – USA