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Chris (right) receiving the BIS Thai Lilac Award from Judith Jewkes at the KCA Show in 2008
Chris also owned the cat which won the won the President’s Choice prize at the 2008 show and again is receiving her prize from Judith Jewkes
Chris also owned the cat which won the won the President’s Choice prize at the 2008 show and again is receiving her prize from Judith Jewkes


Chris Saltmarshe – Korat Breeder – Prefix “Thanonwang”

Chris Saltmarshe died on 17 September 2010, following a long illness after contracting meningitis.  Many of you will have seen Chris, and her daughter Annabelle, at cat shows over the years and she also managed to attend many club AGMs, in spite of the difficulties she encountered with Annabelle’s disability.  Chris was a dedicated member of the Korat Cat Association club; always paid her subs on time and tried to support her club at both the Supreme and KCA Show, each year, when possible.

Annabelle, played a huge part in Chris’s life and she dedicated a great deal of time over the years, researching Annabelle’s condition to get the help she needed, supported by Crossroads Care organisation.  Finally, in 2000, Annabelle had an operation to reduce her seizures to around one a month and Chris (and subsequently, her family) have lobbied the authorities so that Annabelle has now been provided with her own bungalow and a full time carer and is doing really well.

I imagine many of you will be as surprised as I was to hear that Chris wished to be buried at sea!  She had always loved the sea (and, in particular, lighthouses) and she felt that if she was buried at sea she would, in time, become a small part of the great expanse of seas and oceans.  Whenever her family and friends saw the sea, they would think of her and that she was a small part of what they were viewing.  I understand, from Chris’s daughter-in-law, that a burial at sea (not scattering of ashes but a ‘proper’ burial) is not the easiest thing in the world to arrange!  However, the plans are currently all in place for Chris’s coffin to be released to the sea, just off the needles, Isle of Wight, as soon as the weather is suitable.

There will also be a memorial service for Chris, to celebrate her life, at a venue in Cambridgeshire, hopefully to be held before Christmas.  Details are not finalised yet but if you would be interested in attending, please contact me and I will forward the details when I have them.  The family are currently in the process of setting up a Memorial Fund to benefit The Meningitis Trust & Crossroads Care (who supported Chris throughout her life to get help for Annabelle).  If you would like to make a donation to Chris’s Memorial Fund please contact Chris’s daughter-in-law, Samantha. Her email address is

Samantha asked me to pass on her thanks to all those who helped rehome Chris’s cats after she was taken ill 18 months ago.  Chris had been an active Korat breeder for many years, dedicating a great deal of her breeding program to develop the Thai Lilacs and many of her Thanonwang lilac cats are on the show bench today – they are her legacy to the breed.  She will be sadly missed.

Julie Cherkas



Chris’s burial at sea took place on Friday 15 October 2010 with a small private ceremony on board “The Princess”.  Sadly, the following Monday, Annabelle also passed away.  This was a real shock to the family as she had been doing so well and showed no signs of illness.  They feel that she simply went to be with her Mum.  Annabelle will also be buried at sea, at the same place as Chris was laid to rest, as soon as the weather permits.


There will be a joint memorial service for Chris and Annabelle at

2 pm on Saturday 13 November 2010

to be held at St John’s the Baptist Church, Broad Street, Harleston IP20 9AZ
All friends are welcome and are asked to bring a single flower for both Chris and Annabelle
as these will form part of the celebration.
The family have asked that bright coloured clothes are worn – no black please!

Donations to the “Meningitis Trust” and/or “Crossroads Care” are welcomed in lieu of flowers. Cheques should be sent to Sam.  If you wish to donate to both charities, make your cheque payable to “Samantha Wood” and send it to her at 19 Titlow Road, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9DH.  Sam will then ensure the money is split between the charities, according to your wishes.   Representatives from both charities will be at the Memorial Service so if you are attending, simply pass your donation to them.