Our member breeders often have kittens available to loving, permanent homes.

BEWARE - There are breeders out there who are ready to take your money but won't be selling you a true Korat. Do NOT buy a Korat or Thai kitten without the correct paperwork. Without the proper paperwork, your kitten is not a Korat! Also, do check the GCCF list of Suspended Breeders before you purchase your kitten.

You should receive a pedigree with details of at least 4 generations of your kitten's ancestors, together with a GCCF (or other cat registry, such as FIFe or TICA) transfer certificate. All breeders who are K&TCA members and whose details appear on the K&TCA website breeders page will provide these and if they do not, please contact the webmaster and report such omissions.

KTCA member breeders will adhere to the GCCF Code of Ethics when selling kittens. In addition, the KTCA BAC has produced a Korat & Thai Breeding Policy, in accordance with the suggested GCCF Breeding Policy, to ensure our kittens are produced in the best of health. Before your kitten can leave its breeder, it will be at least 13 weeks old and will have completed a full course of vaccinations. The price you pay for a kitten may vary between breeders and you should check whether additional benefits, such as a microchip or additional vaccinations, for example leukaemia and/or chlamydia, are included in the price. Some breeders also neuter kittens before they go, in which case the cost will normally be added on to the price.

Many breeders will have kittens which are suitable for showing as well as making loving pets. There are many members, nationwide who would be pleased to support anyone needing help to show their pet Korat. You can discuss this with individual breeders in the first instance but please do use the club contacts page, or contact the webmaster, if the individual breeder is unable to help you.

Please contact the relevant breeder directly, if you are interested in offering a Korat or Thai kitten a home.

In addition to kittens, we have expanded this list to include older kittens still looking for their loving homes, when available. These kittens are listed under Adolescents (displayed at the end of the kitten list), all will be over eight months old and neutered.

If you wish to add or remove details from this page please contact the webmaster

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