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5 JANUARY 2013

UK GR CH Jenanca Anjali


Another early start but this time, a slightly different venue!  Not Stoneleigh Park but The Sports Connexion at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Nr Coventry. The weather was kinder to us than in previous years too, it was quite a mild day –
and not raining!  Ideal weather for a show at this time of year!

All of the entered cats were present. There were 7 adult Korats (3 male, 4 female), 2 neuters (both female)
and just one female kitten.

Congratulations to Jen Lacey who was this year’s winner of the Overall Best In Show trophy with homebred Anjali.
It’s been a while since Jen won the trophy outright, but you could almost guarantee that one her cats would be lurking in the parent/grandparent box on the pedigree of the past winners.

Best in Show Results

Overall BIS – UK GR CH Jenanca Anjali(34)
BIS Adult – CH Jusarka Panicum-Prairiesky
BIS Kitten – Jusarka Jolie Angelina(34)
BIS Neuter – UK GR CH Jenanca Anjali(34)
BIS Thai – Thanonwnag Elvenstar(34c)

Other winners on the day


Best of Breed: Ch Jusarka Panicum-PrairieSky owned and bred by Julie Cherkas

Imperial certificates:
Gr Ch Jenanca Lone Star [M] owned and bred by Jen Lacey
UK Gr Ch Theoaks Mildred [F] owned and bred by William Wilkinson

Grand certificates:
Ch Jenanca Barabajagal [M] owned and bred by Jen Lacey
Ch Jusarka Panicum-PrairieSky [F] owned and bred by Julie Cherkas

Reserve Grand:
Ch Theoaks Chailai Lola [F] owned by Sue Ozimkowski, bred by William Wilkinson

Breed Classes:
1st + CC – Serennol Napoleon Solo [M] owned and bred by Sarah Williams-Elliss
1st + CC went to Koorahk Saaeng Daao [F] owned by Catherine Tew, bred by Helen Hawkins

Non-Championship Adults (Intermediate level)

Best of Breed and Intermediate certificate:
Thanonwang Elvenstar [F] (Thai Lilac) owned by Sarah Williams-Elliss, bred by Chris Saltmarshe

2nd – Maipenrai Lilac Magnolia [F] owned by Jen Lacey, bred by Janet Jeffers


Best of Breed and Breed Class 1st place:
Jusarka Jolie Angelina [F] owned by Roger & Judy East, bred by Julie Cherkas


Olympian certificate:
UK Imp Gr Pr Maipenrai Doc Flower [F] owned by Jen Day, bred by Janet Jeffers

Best of Breed and Breed Class:
PC: UKGrCh Jenanca Anjali [F] owned & bred by Jen Lacey

Perhaps you can help our Club to have an even better entry next year?
Any of the committee would be very happy to help you show your cats.
There are others who show too (not on the committee) who would love to help.

We’re a very friendly bunch!
So we hope to see you there next year – with or without cats!

A great show day was enjoyed by many members

Show Secretary Report